2017 - Celebrating Values-Based Spiritual Living

The Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey is dedicated to preserving the 60 year
Tradition of Creative Thought Magazine in digital format.You can continue to
receive thetreatments that you have always depended upon.

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Interview with founding Editor-in-Chief of Creative Thinking eMagazine




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     We are excited to share with you the mulit-media experience that is Creative Thinking.  Aside from wanting to make available life changing education, we feel a strong need to help support and grow the greater Centers for Spiritual Living community.  Since Creative Thinking is an eMagazine, we are not limited to the restraints of a hard copy.  This is the magic that makes Creative Thinking; what allows us give back.  When a minister submites a treatment to us, we get to give back by linking their name in the magazine directly to their center or personal website.  And now there is a flow of energy around a much greater idea: a global community.  You, the reader, are given greater access to other Center for Spiritual Living communities, maybe Centers that you had never even heard of before.  You are connected!

     Creative Thinking offers a limitless possibility of features.  Each issue currently offers the subscriber a written Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) for each day of the month, featured articles from ministers and experts alike, "Dear Hazel" (an oppurtunity for you to write in with questions), an inspirational feature for each month, as well as video treatments and interviews.  Issues will soon include featured musical and visual artists, music recordings, digital photo galleries, video performances, and more!

     We sincerely hope you enjoy this experience.  Please share it with others.


With Love,

The Creative Thinking Team


PS. Tell us what you want.  Write to us at CSLNJCreates@gmail.com


To Contribute

Please send your treatment (200-250 words, including an affirmation) to


Subject: Creative Thinking
Attn: Michelle

This open to ministers, practitioners, and serious Science of Mind students.



Please Remember:                                                

Keep it gender neutral                     
Open with a quote if you like—please credit the author                       
Close with an affirmation - required                      
STAY IN PRINCIPLE – treatments are carefully edited for this purpose                       
Please provide your name, status & Center affiliation.  




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