Youth Ministries


Children's Ministry
Children are God’s gift and are naturally close to the God-consciousness we strive to develop. At the Center for Spiritual Living, we cultivate the natural spirit of children to help grow mindful, emotionally healthy children that make a difference in the world.

Our Young Children's Ministry is led by volunteer Susan Cafourak. Susan is a student of the Science of Mind and a mother of three beautiful children. Her energy and vitality is inspiring. She is supported weekly by many members of our Center. Come and see for yourself.
The teens are now meeting twice monthly and some are involved with the International Center for Spiritual Living Northeast Teen programs. These programs promote our teens from age twelve and up to be leaders in a conscious community.


What We Teach Our Children

We teach love, community and possibility thinking. We teach children the skills and
tools necessary to be powerful young metaphysicians. We invite them to love, honor
and respect themselves and in doing so love, honor, and respect all others. We
support them to in feeling valuable, worthy, and to always be in touch with their
Divine birthright - happiness. 


Our Teaching Philosophy

There are 2 separate and equally important focuses for our children's ministry: 
community and education. Our goal is to teach our children the skills and tools
necessary to powerfully navigate their way through life. Our teaching model is 
to: Teach through example. Teach through engagement. Teach through love
and community.


Teen Education

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