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Praying Dangerously
by Regina Sara Ryan



For all of your consciousness and enlightenment needs.

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The CSLNJ Heart & Mind Bookstore is a creative, dynamic and successful retail establishment thatcarries and sells an excellent selection of spiritual books, music, gifts, and other resources that will
inform and inspire every customer, be a positive information ministry for all who enter, and be avital income stream for CSLNJ.


This vision for the CSLNJ Heart & Mind Bookstore will be served through a commitment to excellence, and to a dedication to serve the highest and greatest good of everyone who enters our doors.  Our passion for the Science of Mind teaching and our gracious, professional and supportive service are potent and palatable.  Every congregant and customer will be able to feel our passion for our teaching, our friendliness, and our interest in service.  Our bookstore will continue
to carry a wide and active variety of books, gifts, music and other items that will all enable people to deepen their spiritual awareness, and we will present these items in a clean, orderly, professional environment.  We are committed to being financially responsible to create a thriving, lucrative retail establishment.  We are creative and think out of the box for new ways to achieve our goals.




Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey • 31 Westville Avenue, Caldwell, NJ • 973.403.3306