About Us


Our Vision Statement

Building a global community of people ~ who choose love ~ one person at a time.


Our Mission Statement

Through loving acceptance and excellent education, we
vow to use the Science of Mind teaching as our source for 
transforming lives.  By mastering the teaching through classes
and embodying the teaching in our lives, we are the change
we want to see in the world.


Our Center

The Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey began its journey as Religious Science of Montclair, opening its doors on Sunday, October 6, 2002. For the previous 8 months friends
and supporters gathered together in Reverend Michelle's home feeding each other,
praying together, and visioning into existence our present Center. 

We are a collection of experienced and new Religious Scientists dedicated to growing
through the application of the Science of Mind teaching. We seek to bring the teaching
alive by being walking examples.

We are a mix of people of different ages, colors, previous religious affliations and socioeconomic backgrounds coming together to embody one truth and one truth only...


What We Do

Supported by Our Vision, we strive to do the following at our Center:

  • Cultivate a Relationship with God, Spirit, Universal Love, Divine Wisdom,
    Intelligence by any name.
  • Teach the tools of Science of Mind by making them understandable and
    absolutely practical.
  • Become emotionally healthy through the use of spiritual mind treatment
    (affirmative prayer), the practice of forgiveness and a devotion to taking self-responsibility.
  • Be a power for good in the world by being the change we want to see.


What We Believe

The Principles of Religious Science were written by Ernest Holmes, the founder of
Religious Science.
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Sunday Celebration

Why is it called a Celebration? Because we celebrate the Intelligence of the Universe
within the individual.


Our Community

When you walk in the door on Sunday, it hits you immediately - the feeling of love.
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Peace Center

Our Center is a designated Peace Center under our parent organization, International
Centers for Spiritual Living.
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