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Volunteers are the life of our Center. There are many opportunities to volunteer
including those areas listed below. We are always looking for volunteers with the
following skills:  general business, bookkeeping, management, computer skills,
desktop publishing, website design and maintenance, marketing and retail
If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information,
contact us.

At CSL we teach the spiritual practice of Seva which is a Sanskrit word meaning
sacred service to God. We learn rather quickly that one of the ways to deepen your
connection to spirit is to deepen your spiritual practices and Seva is a beautiful practice.
Seva and being in service to Others will quicken your spiritual connection and support
you in so many ways. At CSL for those who choose to take on leadership in the form
of a team leader, head of a project or to serve the board there are leadership training
opportunities throughout the year.
This training will strengthen you inside and outside the
Center. If you are interested in expanding your experience and deepening your spiritual expression, call today - 973-669-1900.


A practitioner is one who has completed the requisite training to effectively use
affirmativeprayer. Affirmative prayer, or spiritual mind treatment, is a simple process
that uses the spiritual laws of the Universe to consistently manifest our desires.
We have a staff of professional prayer practitioners who are available by appointment
tosupport you in your healing and transformation needs by knowing in consciousness
a new truth for you.
Here at the Center for Spiritual Living, we teach, practice and continuously refine our
application of the Science of Mind. Those who take this most seriously and support
their interest with a commitment to classes and training become licensed Practitioners
of the Science of Mind. They are Prayer Practitioners and they are professionals.
There is a fee for their services but NO ONE is ever turned down due to limited income.
They are available by appointment and will meet you either at the Center or at another
agreed upon place.
Turning to a practitioner is the first thing that we do when we are in need of support.
This support is not limited to spiritual support. Our prayer support can be for your
mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being.
Once you create a relationship
with a practitioner and experience the beauty of this sacred bond, you will keep their
number with you always. All sessions with our licensed practitioners are highly confidential and always sacred.
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