Board of Trustees

President - Dan Granda
Vice President - Neil Pinkman, Ex. Director

Ex-Officio - Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

Treasurer - Joan Granda                   
Secretary - Currently Open

Brian Jude Piatkowski
Jeff Tucker
Evelyn Bourne





Choir & Music

Team Leader (Choir) - Ty Stephens

Team Leader (Music) - Dan Granda

From its inception, the Center for Spiritual Living has placed a particular emphasis on music as a
devotional tool. We believe music helps us bypass some of the filters that inhibitour ability to absorb
our teaching at the soul level. The goal of the Music Ministry has always been to support Reverend
Michelle's intention to provide a Sunday experience that not only feeds us in an intellectual way, but
also opens our hearts to a larger, much deeper knowledge of ourselves as spiritual beings inhabiting
a spiritual universe.

Our music selection ranges from the most solemn to roof-raising rock. We consider it all to be sacred
music.  We have many resources to bring the message home including many original pieces written by
Branice MacKenzie and Richard Cummings and also original pieces written by our very own choir
director, Ty Stephens.

Join us for our Sunday Celebration, and you just might find yourself opening to your conception of
the Eternal in a new and joyous way.  Or you just might find yourself in a dance with the Beloved, if 
you care to.  See you there!



Team Leader - Beth Bachmann

Vision statement:
To Create a World that works for All Life

Mission statement:
The Mission of the CSLNJ Green Team is to Educate, Enlighten & Inspire others
to deepen their relationship and sense of stewardship to the earth by providing educational opportunities,
experiences with nature, a Center greening program and discussion groups that advance this goal.




Team Leaders - Giovanna Kanu & Marilyn Trushell

Vision statement:
To receive all who enter the Center with love.

Mission statement:
Using Science of Mind© teachings and the embodiment of  love we will present a welcoming presence from the door throughout the center.


Head Honchos

Team Leader - Jo Christiana

Sunday Celebrations at CSLNJ proceed flawlessly with ease and grace in all aspects on each
and every Sunday. 

Through devotion and collaborative team effort, the Head Honchos empower themselves to ensure
that the Sunday Celebration is an event that is executed smoothly and efficiently.  Each team member
is equipped w/the information and tools necessary to insure that all aspects of the celebration proceed

It’s the goal and acknowledged responsibility of the Head Honchos to ensure the smooth and easy
flow of Sunday Celebration.   To that end, the team has met w/Rev. Michelle to understand and
implement what was agreed to be important to the easy flow of the Celebration.  Based upon our
meeting w/Rev. Michelle and the team’s ongoing communication w/regard to what is observed on each
Sunday, a check list of duties has been created and is contained in this document.  This checklist is also
a living document and is edited as necessary.




Team Leader - Ed Cappiello

To be the “model” team for Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey of how to provide an atmosphere of
food, fun and fellowship in a spiritual manner after Sunday celebrations and for addition special events.

To serve our Vision Statement we offer nourishing and delicious food following Sundays Celebrations and
during additional events. We provide a friendly environment where both members and non members can
enjoy food, fun, fellowship and recognize that this Center is a safe place to know god.



Team leader - Patricia Johnson

A center where every (one) member feels cared for, loved and supported.

To make a positive difference within CSLNJ by offering inspiration, relief and
support to those faced with challenging times.







Team Leaders - Marcy Schnieder

Vision Statement:
The Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey is a continuously growing community of members who are
actively involved, committed to supporting the Center and who integrate the Science of Mind teachings into
all aspects of their lives. The Membership Team facilities the growth of the Center by increasing membership.

Mission Statement:
The Membership Team advances the growth of the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey by personally
demonstrating the integration of the Science of Mind principles and communicating the value of membership
to the congregation; providing opportunities for potential new members, through a Discovery Class, to learn
about ways in which they can participate more actively in the life of the Center.



Team Leader - Elaine DeMars                                                  

For more information about our Outreach Team
See out Outreach page





Team Leader - Brian Piatkowski



Team Leader - Regina McLoughlin

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